How To Stay Strong When Things Go Wrong?

Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge, Nevada (USA)

Things that happen in life are not always what we wanted. We can see the sad realities all around us, day in and day out. Death of a loved one, a family member stricken by a debilitating disease, loss of job, broken relationships and tragic accident leaving someone helpless are just some of these realities. But what if these happen to us? How can we still face life boldly? How can we stay strong when things go wrong?

First, we need to know that God is at work. Knowing means believing firmly in the certainty of this truth that will surely bring us the inner strength we need in tough times. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that God is at work when we ourselves are in a very depressing situation where we feel we already want to give up living. But take heart, He is right there beside you even when it seems He’s silent.

Second, we need to know that God is in control. When problems and struggles of all sorts besiege us, we often feel that everything is out of control. But remember that God is our Creator, our great Designer. In engineering, a mechanical or structural design engineer knows the load capacity of his design. The engineer knows how much load in tons a bridge he designs can withstand before it fails. I strongly believe it’s the same as how God allows problems and trials in life. As our Creator, He knows our capacity and He will not allow a load or burden that is beyond our designed capacity. So just trust that He knows what He is doing and He is in control.

Third, we need to know that God has a good purpose. Things that happen in life are not without a purpose. Just like the processing of valuable minerals such as gold, fire or pressure has to be applied but after that, the precious pure gold comes out. We may have to undergo hard times but we know we’ll come out as pure, strong and victorious individual. It could be that He’s getting our attention because we are already so focused on ourselves – our job, our position, our prestige, and material possessions – that we already forgot Him. Or it could be that He wants us to be reminded that everything in this present world is temporary.  But whatever it is, I know He wants to accomplish good things in us that we may only understand later.

So when things go wrong and life seems like it’s not making sense anymore, we can still stay strong. And when almost everything on earth that we treasure is gone, we can still face life boldly and go on. This would be possible when we truly believe or know that God is at work, that He is in control and that He has good purpose for whatever He has allowed to happen to us.

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2 thoughts on “How To Stay Strong When Things Go Wrong?

    • Oh new words…”mechanically” and “engineeringly”…hehehe.
      But I just find many analogies between life and engineering – load/pressure, purification process, tensile testing, contactor cleaning, etc.
      I hope to write about these analaogies.
      Thanks and keep in touch.

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