A Visit to Japan

Japan’s capital, Tokyo, is one of the most populated metropolitan areas in the world. It is where the Imperial Palace, the residence of Japan’s emperor, is located. But you can only see the moats and walls separating the palace from the rest of the city.

Within Tokyo, the Ginza area is a very popular commercial and business district where you can find specialty shops, department stores, art galleries and restaurants. This is where you can see displays of the latest high tech electronic gadgets out in the market.

Ginza (Tokyo, Japan)
Kabuki Theater in Ginza

The most common mode of transportation is the railway system or train. The “bullet train”, which is called as such maybe because of its shape and speed, is actually known as “shinkansen” in Japan. But I don’t think it was travelling at a bullet’s speed.

The "Bullet Train"
Away from Japan's Busy Cities

In other parts of Japan away from the busy urban districts, there are still large areas of agricultural lands. And the beauty of nature with lush vegetation is there to enjoy.


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