How to Study Effectively?

Studying is necessary in almost anything we do. But one of the most popular things we do is studying for an exam in college. So I want to impart few things based on a personal experience which may help you.

Here are 3 tips on how to study effectively.

1. Study in advance.

Studying requires enough time.  Cramming happens when you’re already running out of time before you’re done studying. Personally, I find it effective to study earlier than others usually do. Idle time in between other class schedules can be devoted to studying. And there are still enough books you can borrow from the library for your references if you’re studying ahead of others.

2. Study in a strategic manner.

Even if you’re studying much earlier, you need to optimize your time so you can cover everything.  You have to focus more on what you have not yet fully understood and less on what is already clear to you which you may just consider for a quick review. And also develop your own mnemonics (short rhyme, phrase or combined first letters) to help you retain information easier and faster.

3. Study as if you’re already taking the exam.

When you’re studying especially on subjects involving calculations, actual problem solving would really help a lot in fully understanding and remembering what you have studied. A good way to do this is to solve textbook questions that have answers at the back to which you can compare and check your answers. What you are really trying to do here is to simulate the actual exam so you will be ready for it.

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