Gratefulness in Every Situation

ImageThere will always be a reason to be grateful to God even in seemingly bad situation. We just have to look at the positive side of it. It is a choice that we can make each day. And no wonder we are told to give thanks in all circumstances (1 Thessalonians 5:18).

When sickness comes, there is still a reason to be thankful. We can thank Him because though sick, we are alive. And we are able to rest from our busy schedule and are reminded that life on earth is temporary.

And what else? Tempted to complain and be angry for a long queue in the grocery store? Thank God we have the money to buy grocery items. Feeling sad that we have no new shoes? Thank God we have feet. Not much food in the table? Thank God we have the appetite even with little food. No beautiful and big houses? Thank God that we are able to sleep well in our small house without fear of burglars.

Gratefulness requires humility. We can be grateful to God or to other people when we are humble enough to acknowledge that what we have is not solely based on our own effort. God has given us the capacity to earn a living and people around us like our family, friends, coworkers and teachers have in one way or another helped us to become what we are now.

And we can enjoy each day with gratefulness that drives out the destructive effect of complaining or murmuring. My observation is this: We enjoy more when we are thankful but complaining or murmuring signals a gloomy day.

Thanks to God and to every person who has been part of my journey in life.


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