My Driving Experience

12/5/2017 (Tuesday)
Location: LISP2, Calamba City, Philippines

I was driving home from work and stopped at the LISP 2 (Science Park) intersection traffic light at around 5:40pm. It was already a bit dark and I was following a new white Toyota Innova with conduction sticker YV3647 and no plate number yet.

While waiting for the green light, the Innova in front of my car then backed away from the highway as it was already blocking the incoming truck entering LISP 2. As it came closer, I tried to honk continuously to get the attention of the driver but the Innova continued to back into my car and hit the side door. Then the green light appeared and Innova YV3647 just sped away as if nothing happened 😦 .


How to Pass a Board Exam?

Passing a board exam is quite easy for some but it’s like a gamble for others. Many of us would really like to pass or even top the board exam in our professional field. So how can we eliminate chances of failing a board exam?

Here are 3 tips to pass a board exam (3P’s):

1. Preparation

Board exam preparation includes getting the right review materials and undergoing an effective review, which is either through formal review classes or a disciplined self-review.

Be resourceful enough in looking for the right review materials especially if you’re doing self-review. You may ask materials from previous takers or those currently enrolled in a formal review center. And always have your course textbooks as part of your materials. If you are an honor graduate, you may coordinate directly with some review centers that offer privileges like free review materials.

Finding a good review center is essential. Doing self-review can also be one option, though it’s quite challenging because it takes a lot of discipline and motivation.  Whatever your preference is, it is very important that you develop effective review techniques: set regular review schedules, maintain a review notebook for each exam subject, highlight important items and practice actual problem solving.

2. Presence of Mind

During the exam, don’t panic even when you notice some unfamiliar or hard questions. But always have presence of mind. Be sure to read and follow instructions. Don’t spend too much time on a single difficult item; just go back to it later. Common sense and the process of elimination may be of help. If the question involves mathematical calculations and you really have forgotten the formula, then try to use approximation techniques.

3. Prayer

Don’t forget to pray that you will be able to remember all you have reviewed. And that no mental block would happen to you. It is acknowledging God’s ability to help you after you have done your part.